Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Safety pool covers are fast becoming an essential on pools where small children or animals may be at risk. We can offer two systems:


The Coverstar is a surface or wall mounted track system combined with a non-porous vinyl cover, available in a variety of colours. The roller is electrically controlled by a wall mounted lockable switch, positioned close to the pool.

This cover totally seals the pool from the outside elements. It is not only a safety cover, but also prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool, keeping everything much cleaner than a conventional pool cover.


The Roldeck system is a rigid slatted cover that has extremely good heat retention properties. When combined with a stainless steel handrail this cover also acts as a basic safety type system.

Both of the above can be retro-fitted to existing indoor or outdoor pools. The rollers can be surface mounted or installed in an under floor pit at either end of the pool. We are also able to supply manual or electric rollers, combined with a full range of floating covers.

In addition, we can measure, supply and fit any shape of winter debris cover.

Aquamat Bubble & Winter Covers

The Aquamat winter debris covers are available in green or blue and the covers are stitched using a three needle sewing machine which gives the cover extreme durability, strength and most of all a long life.

The fabric covers are all fitted with a protective uPVC webbing strip and a uPVC corner pad, where the cover straps come in contact with the pool coping stones.

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