Swimming Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations

If your pool is run down and in need of a new look then you have come to the right place. Luton Swimming Pool Supplies have many years experience in refurbishing swimming pools.

Refurbished Tiled Pool

Here are some before and after pictures of a refurbished tiled pool, this has been fiberglass lined in white with a blue blend mosaic tile band around the waterline.

Refurbished Liner Pool

This is an old liner type pool that was refurbished by fibreglass lining again it has a blue blend tile band around the waterline and new white coping stones.

The pictures show before, during and after the work was finished.

New Main Drains Fitted

Here are pictures before,during and after of new main drains being fitted to a school pool that had been found to have leaking pipework under the floor, the new main drains are sunk into the floor, the pipework is then chased into the walls and back to the plant room for connection into the filtration system, as this pool is over 30 years old the tiles were impossible to colour match so a compromise on this was found.

This is a job we often have to undertake as older pools can suffer with faulty pipework underground.

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